Attendance Codes

Below are the attendance codes used district-wide to track and report attendance to parents, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the court system.

"Lawful absences" are absences that occur for the reasons listed, which are permitted under state law and district policy. They are not lawful, however, until properly documented. This means that a note must be provided by a parent (limited to 10 days per year), a physician, or the building principal.

"Unlawful absences" occur for reasons other than those that are considered lawful. They also occur if the absence is not properly documented (a proper, signed note has not been provided). Tardiness is considered an "unlawful absence" though it is counts for a smaller percentage of absence than a half or whole day.

"Alternate location" is simply a tracking code. In most (but not all) cases, it means the student wasn't in the classroom to which they are normally assigned, but that they are in an approved place. Alternate location codes do not count towards total absences.